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Things to do with your wedding Gown after the wedding

Lastly, once you get to wear your fantasy wedding gown. It created your then-fianc√© gasp in amazement; it obtained tonnes of praise from visitors (and a lot in Instagram enjoys, also); it helped you make it through your unique day while making you feel as the most beautiful woman on earth. To put it differently, it did its job — and it did it well. But now what? Things to do with your wedding gown after the wedding?


Shoving the very sentimental dress you have in your cupboard or leaving it in a certain arbitrary dark corner of your house is a little anti-climatic, don’t you believe? Here are a few of (brightly creative) thoughts which can allow you to get the most from your wedding gown, outside of your wedding day.


Turn it into a fairly DIY project

If you are handy with a needle and thread, then you can stretch out of your post-wedding bliss by diving to a DIY. With just a tiny bit of craftiness, you can flip your lace dress right into yummy pillowcases to your new nest or make embellished bag and bespoke necklaces from your dress’s beaded fabric. In case you’ve got more time and you are feeling more creative than normal, you may even try sewing a mini version of your apparel and get it styled professionally. In this manner, your memories of this dress won’t ever be out of sight.


Down it to a loved one

When it is not yet part of your family heritage, you may even think of using your wedding gown as a keepsake. It is never too far away to consider the future in regards to momentous events, so when it is time for your daughter or daughter-in-law to wed or christen a kid, your prized keepsake can be upgraded into a different wedding gown or flipped into a christening dress.¬† We asked Warren who is the owner of Howell Jones Photography a photographer based in Somerset on his feelings “it is going to be an excellent feeling to realise your wedding dress–or a portion of it–to be of use again!”


Wear it differently

Who said you can just use your wedding gown once, as soon as you can use it in a lot of different ways? With some creativity and serious sewing abilities, an individual can turn into a wedding gown to a bustier, a bodice, a complete skirt, a little dress, a blazer… (In case you are not so convinced in the sewing section, bring your dress into a searchable tailor made and allow them to work their magic on it!)



Sell it

What is an intelligent way to regain some of those wedding expenses, you ask? Well, if you are somebody who’d probably not use (nor put eyes upon) your wedding gown again, why don’t you market it onto a pre-loved wedding gown website. The cash that you get can go a long way. Have not had a honeymoon yet? Itching to purchase that stunning Eames Armchair? Drooling on the KitchenAid Mixer, everybody missed out on the gift registry? Placing your wedding gown available is a fantastic way to cover them.


Pay it forward

Letting go of your dream apparel can be hard. However, not when you know that it’s for an excellent cause. There are lots of charities around the globe which use wedding dresses for a cause. Some offer free wedding gowns to girls who could not afford and others utilise the amount from contributed gown sales to assist women with cancer. Knowing that your fantasy dress can support other women in need, this is an excellent way to pass on your romance that comes along with it.

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