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Wedding tie

Wedding Tie

For grooms who go to work in jeans and t-shirts, looking any tie on their wedding day will probably be daunting, and the ones that wear a tie into the office daily may be searching for something much more exotic than their customary necktie. Here’s a brief list of the kinds of wedding tie, together with some frequent groom questions on picking their wedding tie.

The necktie

A necktie is your very long tie that lots of businessmen wear to utilise a workplace style suit. It may nonetheless be dressy enough for a wedding day, but for the groom may want to search for something that he would not usually use to work with a silver or gold tie. It’s the best option for a less formal wedding in which the groom is wearing a lounge suit.


The Ascot

Also referred to as a cravat, the Ascot is a formal tie that’s generally worn with a cutaway coat and grey striped trousers. Many grooms like the opportunity to put on a cravat or even Ascot which certainly is not a regular tie. The substance of an Ascot is patterned along with the tie is extremely broad in shape, being brushed over and secured using a stickpin or tie tack.


The classic bow tie

A bow tie is made up of ribbon of cloth that ties around the collar symmetrically in this manner that both opposites end shaped loops. It’s worn with a tuxedo, and also the conventional colour option is black, though bow ties are offered in many assorted colours and fabrics. Many grooms decide to coincide with their bow tie together with all the bridesmaids’ dresses. Black is usually regarded as a more formal alternative, so a coloured bow tie is a Fantastic way to dress down a tuxedo


The Euro Tie

The Euro tie is the best compromise for grooms looking for the formality and novelty of an Ascot design cravat, with a bit less of their pomp and ceremony. It’s a very long square bottomed tie that’s tied around the neck and worn with a wing or spread collar top. Such as the Ascot it is best worn with a morning suit.


Here are just three of the questions which grooms frequently ask about the wedding link:


Well asked by Neil at Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography “Can the suit wear a black tie?”

Traditionally black neckties were earmarked for funerals, and mourning, therefore, were not seen as very suitable for weddings. Nevertheless, these times the principles are becoming more relaxed, and some other colour can be worn for any event. In case a black tie looks fantastic together with all the groom’s outfit then he must go for it, but attempt to be certain that there is a tiny colour somewhere in his outfit.

Does the groom need to wear a self-tie bow tie?

Clip on or prepared tied bow ties may look as great as self-connected ones, and occasionally neater if the groom is not good at tying one. However, there’s a certain gratification from tying a bow tie, along with an untied bow tie hanging loosely around the neck from the end of the reception can look quite sexy.


Does the groom’s tie fit the groomsmen?

Traditionally the groom would wear precisely the same as the groomsmen, but just like the majority of wedding styles, the rules are becoming more relaxed. The wedding tie is frequently the location where the groom can communicate his own character, and while the ties must rather be the same fashion, they can be different colours.

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