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Wedding Transportation

What is needed

Transportation needs vary based on some individuals in the wedding celebration. Draw a visual diagram of your transport plan to guarantee everyone is accounted for. Usually, the groom and groomsmen will go to the service together. Additionally, it is traditional for the bride, mother of the bride, flower girls and page boys to travelling in 1 car, accompanied by the bride and her dad in another vehicle. But if you are selecting a limo, there is no reason why the bride and her dad can’t journey to the service along with her attendants.


Following the ceremony, the bride and groom travelling to the reception together, with all the attendants following in a different car, or in case you’ve got a small wedding celebration, you can all travel together. Arrangements also have to be created for the parents of the bride to arrive at the reception. Do not forget about transport for the close of the evening either!


The choices

Pick a car that matches your characters and the topic of your wedding day. A Rolls Royce, Jaguar or limo is a timeless option, or if classic is the theme, you might choose to employ Model T Fords or horse-drawn carriages. If unconventional is more your style, do not be afraid to use your creativity! For a spin on the conventional, look at travelling at a Hummerzine, a retro scooter or sports car, or why don’t you create a memorable entrance in a helicopter or ship in case you truly need to dab. On the flip side, you might prefer to decide on a mode of transport that’s personally meaningful, including a tractor if your home is on a farm or even a London cab in case you’ve got British connections.


If transport is an area where you want to keep down costs, you can use your auto, travelling in tents, or borrow vehicles from friends or loved ones. In case you opt to hire automobiles, make sure they’re spotlessly clean, possess a current WOF and enrollment, and that the petroleum, water, tyres and gas have all been assessed!

If you wish to provide transport for your guests, think about hiring a double-decker bus and using glasses of champagne served on board — it is guaranteed to get everybody in a celebratory mood! And if the place has ample reasons requiring guests to walk to get a substantial distance, think about organising for clubs to transport old visitors to and from the carpark.


Whatever mode of transport you choose, don’t forget to think about practicalities. Arriving in a horse and carriage might become your fairytale fantasy, but this alternative is not suitable if you will need to pay a significant distance. The bride’s hair and makeup might likewise not endure a visit in an open-topped automobile, particularly in humid or wet weather. Have a contingency plan to get open-topped vehicles as in summer the weather may be unpredictable. For enclosed vehicles, don’t forget to inquire about ac and heating — you do not wish to be bothered and hot or shivering cold once you arrive at the place. Additionally, it pays to consider the bride’s apparel — is there room within the vehicle for your bride to travel smoothly without repainting or damaging her dress?


If the vehicle has been used as a background for photographs, make sure both the automobile and its decorations complement or match the colours used for your wedding party’s attire.



If you are planning to seek the services of transport, it pays to book early so that you get a vast assortment of alternatives available to you. At least six months beforehand is advisable, particularly if you’re quitting in summer. Re-confirm bookings closer the date of the wedding — the very last thing you need to find about the big day is that you don’t have any transportation because of double booking.


Most firms charge an hourly fee a vehicle and will need an initial deposit. Organize to your best man to cover the balance on account of the day. Some have special wedding packages which include extras like decorations and champagne. Do not take it for granted that the chauffeur will dress smartly — it is ideal to define this if it’s significant to you.


Always get written contracts and quotes for the vehicles you’re hiring, and examine the fine print for insurance and cancellation coverages. Ensure you see the vehicles you’re hiring so that you understand precisely what it is you’re becoming. Request the driver beforehand if they have some other reservations on the same day — you do not wish to get left stranded or dashed since they have another job to go to. Last, provide the company with a thorough list of addresses, and select and drop-off occasions, to make certain you arrive and leave without a hitch!


By Joab @ Joab Smith Wedding Photography

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